The stipulations as laid out in the Salt Pans Ultra Marathon Conditions of Contract forms part of the Terms and Conditions for entering SPU 2020. By accepting the Terms and Conditions of this entry, you agree that you are familiar with the contents hereof.


  • Please ensure that your passport is valid for international travel and that it is valid for at least six (6) months.
  • The responsibility for the provision of current and valid passports, visas, vaccinations and inoculations, where required, is that of the runner alone and Salt Pans Ultra Marathon shall not be responsible or liable for any consequence of any nature arising from the entrant failing to ensure that he or she has complied with all such requirements.


  • Prices include what is listed in the various packages under Race Info.
  • The price does not include personal items, beverages, meals not included in the itinerary, telephone calls and any items not specifically stated.
  • Until Salt Pans Ultra Marathon has received full payment, we reserve the right to change the prices.
  • The price is guaranteed once full payment has been received.


  • Online payment in full is to be done through the payment portal.  

Only payment in full guarantees a race entry.  

  • Payments in instalments can be made.  Please contact the event organisers by e-mail to discuss this option.


  • Any refunds are at the sole discretion of the organisers and will decided on a case by case basis. 


  • It is strongly advised that adequate insurance cover is taken in the event of athletes not being able to attend prior to departure due to illness, accident or injury.
  • Entrants must have medical travel insurance or medical aid which covers an ultra trail running event for the duration of the event.
  • In most circumstances local hospitals do not accept Medical Travel Insurance Policies or certain Botswana Medical Aid policies without a credit card pre-authorisation.  Should you require hospitalization, you will be required to pay for your hospitalization and claim this amount directly from your Medical Travel Insurance Policy or Medical Aid on your return home.  A valid credit card will be required for hospital admission.
  • Ambulance transport costs to the hospital are for your own account.  Please confirm that your Medical Travel Insurance Policy or Medical Aid cover this.
  • Salt Pans Ultra Marathon is not liable for ANY hospitalization costs.


  • Salt Pans Ultra Marathon is responsible for arranging and providing the services listed in the event itinerary.
  • Any tours that are booked and all tour arrangements are made on the express conditions that Salt Pans Ultra Marathon, their servants and agents shall not be responsible for, and shall be exempt from, all liability in respect of any loss, damage, accident, delay or inconvenience to any person, or his or her luggage, or other property, wherever, whenever and howsoever the same may occur.
  • I acknowledge that I am aware that the Salt Pans Ultra Marathon is an extreme event and accordingly a potentially dangerous activity. Although stringent safety measures will be in place, the risk of personal accident or injury cannot be completely excluded. I confirm that I am physically and mentally well and fit and am able to participate in exercise of this nature without undue risk to my health.
  • I grant my permission to use my name, race information and photographs, video tapes, broadcasts and telecasts in which I may appear, free of charge.
  • I confirm that I am aware that a refusal to cooperate with the reasonable instructions of the race doctor or medical personnel to accept medical intervention or to retire from the race will result in my immediate disqualification and will relieve the organizers of any/all responsibility for my well being.
  • Salt Pans Ultra Marathon, their servants and agents shall further shall not be liable for any consequential loss of damage whatsoever.
  • Salt Pans Ultra Marathon is not responsible or liable for any act of God, strike, riot, civil disobedience, theft or other condition or event beyond its control.


  • While every effort is made to keep to all published itineraries, we reserve the right to make changes in the interests of safety or the athletes.
  • In some cases, weather conditions can necessitate an alteration in the event itinerary and this does not constitute a reason for a refund.
  • No refund for unused services will be considered.
  • Salt Pans Ultra Marathon reserve the right to correct printing errors or omissions at any time, unaffected portions will continue to remain valid.
  • Any circumstance beyond the organisers’ control that may result in a cancellation of any stage or the entire event will not constitute a refund.


  • Once a payment has been made, in part or in full, and an athlete wishes to withdraw from the race more than 3 months from the date of the event then any decisions on a refund will be at the sole discretion of the organisers.

    In the event the race is cancelled due to Acts of God (weather etc) or Government (change in law, government directives, force majeure etc) refunds may be given on a pro-rata basis at the sole discretion of the organisers and in this case only to the point that the race is not loss making.


Salt Pans Ultra Marathon and the customer expressly agree that the laws of the Republic of Botswana  shall govern this agreement and any claim as more fully envisaged above.