Makgadikgadi Salt Pans Ultra Marathon Botswana October 2021 100KM / 3DAY Salt Pans Ultra The 2020 Salt Pans Ultra has been cancelled. 2020
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Multi-Stage Race

100 KM / 3 DAYS

Salt Pans Ultra Trail Marathon

The Salt Pans Ultra Trail Marathon 2020 is a unique 3 day Ultra Trail Run on the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans in Botswana.

Sua Pan, the Eastern of three salt pans situated in the middle of the dry savanna of North-Eastern Botswana, is one of the largest salt flats in the world.

A recent scientific study has identified the Pans area as the place from which all modern mankind originates. A single tribe of modern man established themselves here for 70,000 years before migrating North and South 130,00 years ago. All those years ago the area was a huge vast fertile wet and lake area. It was this Northern migration from the Sua Pans Great Lake area that saw the start of mankind’s colonisation of the World.

The pans are striking in their beauty. However, the harsh environment of the pans will make conditions on race day anyone’s guess. Late rains may make the pans muddy and wet.  Hot winds whip up sand and slow progress. The salt crystals in the sand reflect the sun and the bright glare demands sunglasses are worn. October is when the cooler months of winter suddenly warm.  The rise in temperature is sudden and marks the start of 6 months of hot weather. Be prepared for anything.

At night the stars reach down and caress the horizon. The Milky Way (Botswana’s equivalent of the Northern lights) is as clear to the naked eye here as anywhere else on Earth and shooting stars are bright and sudden. The sunsets and sunrises amaze and the complete solitude forces introspection.

Welcome to Botswana’s first Ultra Marathon

Welcome Home

Entries Closed

The Salt Pans Ultra Marathon 2020 is not cancelled. 

Due to Covid-19 we have halted registrations while we access whether or not the race can go ahead. We remain committed to it happening if al all possible.


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Salt Pans Ultra Marathon 2019
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Route 2020

The 3 days will cover between 100 – 110kms in the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans in Botswana. The race will see athletes running through the middle of pans where for long periods of time you won’t see land. Our base camp will be on Kokonje Island, a beautiful island on the Eastern part of the Sua Pans.

Below is the planned route which may see changes depending on the weather and in particular rain all over the next few months.


Registration is Open

Race Logistics

The race itself is self-catering.

Medical Support

We provide medical support throughout the race.

Race Catering

We provide water points every 10 km

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It is with a heavy heart to have to inform you that the 2020 Salt Pans Ultra for both overseas and local runners has been cancelled. This is due to a number of factors with the uncertainty of CV-19 being primary amongst them. With lock downs still occurring, cross zonal permit constraints and with very little time left to plan in this uncertain climate, we felt we had no choice but to cancel. We will send out a newsletter with more information and will look to refund everyone that wants a refund rather than carrying their entry to next year’s event.

If you are BW based and have been training we are looking at a Gaborone based 50kms ultra trail marathon to be held in the next couple of months. We hope this goes some way to mitigate your training efforts.

Thank you for your patience and please believe us when we say we tried and really wanted this event to happen.

Keep safe.