About Outdoor Adventures BW

Outdoor Adventures BW is a Botswana based specialist sports event experience and wellness management company.

We are driven by the belief that positive social connection and movement are two of the key pillars of wellness.  When combined their positive impacts on health are magnified.

Our business is divided into two parts:

  1. Delivering unique trail running events
  1. Assisting companies improve their staff health indicators through increased movement and wellness education.


To create enduring communities connected by running

Mission Statement

To create unique running events that push limits and exceed expectations


show Passion in all we do

build Community around trail running

Leave No trace wherever we gather and respect the environment at all times

Inspire runners to push their limits

Strive to stand out from the crowd

The Team

Dale ter Haar / Race Director
Dale ter Haar

Founder and Race Director

I learned of my love for organising sports events when I started event directing for a charity I volunteer with that uses races to raise funds.

The Salt Pans Ultra perfectly marries my love for Sua Pan and the bush with sport event directing. Sua was also where I did my one and only 100km ultra 10 years ago with four mates for a laugh.  We weren’t laughing too much at the end of it! The seed for the SPU was no doubt planted sometime during those very long 100kms...

Stefan Ortwein / Race Director
Stefan Ortwein

Founder and Route Director

I am a runner since I remember. But my passion for ultra distance started in Botswana. It's not only the very special and beautiful environment what makes me running long distances. The amazing local distance runner community made me love this sport and they are still my inspiration. Beside running i manage a creative media agency and a training and coaching platform for endurance training and running in Botswana.

Salt Pans Ultra Marathon
Sarah Boitumelo Mulwa

Race Ambassador

Being born in Botswana, where the semi arid climate has allowed me to start running barefoot as a toddler I can't imagine a better way to continue to explore my country than through running and hikes.

As an environment, social and energy expert I'm passionate about the health of my people and the environment. My beautiful Botswana affords me the ability to play my part in safeguarding the future of our children. In addition to an annual 100km I complete to raise funds to donate to scholars without access to rural Botswana I founded #1000km Botswana on Facebook to encourage more people to fight non- communicable diseases.