Terms's & Conditions

By entering the Salt Pans Ultra I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions outlined below.

I have read all the rules and regulations of Salt Pans Ultra, in particular those relating to safety and compulsory kit, and acknowledge that participating in an event such as Salt Pans Ultra comes with inherent risks. These include extreme and unpredictable weather, remote locations with limited accessibility, general exposure to the elements, sleep deprivation and the inherent dangers of long distance events in remote locations.

Should I be injured while participating in Salt Pans Ultra or as a result of the above mentioned risks I shall bring no claim against the event organiser, Outdoor Adventure BW, or their service providers. I also declare that I shall not knowingly take part in Salt Pans Ultra with any pre-existing medical condition or illness that might result in injury or death.

I acknowledge that medical responses to any injury or illness occurring during the event may take considerable time given the remote and extreme nature of the terrain involved. I also agree that I shall be responsible for any medical costs that are not covered specifically by the event. These may include, but are not limited to, aerial evacuation, transport to medical facilities or hospitals and specialist treatment. I agree that I have sufficient Medical Aid cover in place to cover the aforementioned circumstances.

Outdoor Adventure BW reserve the right to change the course of the event or cancel it at any time should the safety of the participants be at risk. This can be for any reason that may adversely affect safety and at any time. Should such a decision be made then Outdoor Adventure BW call is final and no refunds will be given on entry fees.

I agree that all imagery of me from the event may be used by Outdoor Adventure BWto promote the event on any platform and at any time. I also agree that my contact details may be used by Outdoor Adventure BW when contacting me regarding future events and activities relating to events organised by Outdoor Adventure BW.

In summary, I agree to release and indemnify Outdoor Adventure BW, and all service providers at Salt Pans Ultra, including but not limited to Medical Personnel, Landowners, Sponsors, Volunteer, Safety Staff or Media from all claims and costs arising from any injury, ill health, loss, damage or death that may occur as a result of my participation in Salt Pans Ultra.