Why do this?

If you want the short answer to Why do this, it Is this: the Salt Pans Ultra is a truly unique, life changing African experience.

There are two salt pans ultra events on Earth.  SPU is one of these and is by far the more remote.  It is also Botswana’s only ultra marathon. The run is tough.  If you are looking for an easy ultra this isn’t it.  If you are looking for an experience that will stay with you for many, many years we have you covered. You will be amazed by the African sunrises and sunsets, the smells of the African bush and the friendliness of the people.  The night sky over the Pans is so expansive and so free of pollution, you will marvel at just how many stars you are able to see.  

During your race you have moments of feeling completely remote and isolated. As you run in the middle of the Pans you will be unable to see land in any direction.  It’s just you, the sand and the sun, for as far as the eye can see.   You will understand just how big the planet is and just how small you are in it.  Previous runners have described the terrain as the closest you can get on Earth to a feeling of running on the Moon.  

You will disconnect to reconnect.  Disconnect from noise, distractions, technology and day to day stresses.  You will reconnect with nature, wild, raw beauty, your ancient African roots and with yourself. This race will test your mettle.  On the pans the mental challenge is as much part of the experience as the physical challenge.  There are no route markers, often no points of reference and no hiding from the sun, heat, wind and glare.

Botswana (or Bots) is Africa’s oldest democracy and arguably it’s most successful.  Bots is known regionally for being safe, having great beef and exciting self drive 4×4 adventures. It’s known internationally for its diamonds and amazing award winning safari lodges.  We strongly suggest international runners make a holiday of their race and take in some sights and sounds in Botswana and/or regionally.  Cape Town and Victoria Falls are very accessible. Self drive safaris in country are affordable. 

If the thought of getting to the race start seems overwhelming drop us a line and we will walk you through it.  We can suggest flights, arrange shuttles and generally make your trip to us is as easy as possible.  We are available on WhatsApp or video and will host a number of webinars between now and the next race.